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Concept Productions, Inc. offers a wide range of audio production and duplication services.

Digital Audio Production
Concept offers recording and editing for advertising, corporate communications, and music with truly professional results. From simple narration to intricate audio track layering, we master the final mixes to sparkle and stand out from the crowd.
Audio Post-Audio for Video
Digital and analog recording and mixing, time-code locked, to your TV spot or video presentation. Services include Music & SFX libraries, foley, music scoring, mixing and layback.

Multi-Track Music Production
16-track analog locked to a Sonic Solutions workstation for digital tracking gives you the best of both worlds. Perfect mixes are achieved through the Sony DMX-R100 fully automated digital console.
Jingles & Musical Scoring
Concept has teamed up with Michael Massey of Massey Music to offer stunning music compositions to enhance your client's image. From heart felt to dynamic, Mike is one talented guy. The musical signatures we produce are second to none.
Narration & Talent Selection
We pride ourselves on the quality of our voice track recording. We have at our disposal a large selection of professional voice talent to choose from. If you need help selecting a voice we can narrow the choices down for you to fit your script.
Duplication & Spot Trafficking
CD, cassette, VHS, DVD, Beta…Whatever the quantity we can duplicate and package your audio and video. Commercials can be digitally distributed to stations across the country.

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